Programs of magic and comedy designed to turn meeting planners into superheros!

Los Angeles Comedy Magic Entertainer Thom Peterson

Thom’s signature show, The Amazing Guy, is ideal for large groups. Thom’s interactive performance style makes sure that your audiences feel like they’re not just watching a show, but are part of it.

Thom uniquely combines his irreverent humor with off-the-wall mysteries, making this is a show that audiences will talk about for years to come!

Or maybe you’d like Thom to be part of an Ensemble Show. Thom has a wealth of material to draw from, and because his full-evening show is modular in nature, it’s easy for him to work as part of a larger variety show. He can often be seen performing around the world, doing 10 or 20 minute spots in much longer shows.

And don’t forget, Thom is a wonderful choice to act as presenter or Master of Ceremonies for large corporate and gala events. With well-honed communication skills, topical humor, and a sophisticated, yet relaxed stage presence, he’s the top choice of many of today’s top event planners.

If you’re interested in a true “close up show,” than indulge your group in Intimate Deceptions. Here’s your chance to enjoy magic in a way that few ever have — literally inches away. Thom has entertained industry leaders and celebrities time and time again with his unique blend of sophisticated sleight-of-hand.

Whether Thom is performing aboard a private yacht, as part of a cocktail reception, or as that very special guest at a dinner party, this formal 50 minute show leaves a positive, lasting impression, long after the dishes have been cleared, and the bar tab has been paid (or dodged). For smaller groups, and when the budget allows for it, there’s no substitute for having Thom Peterson at your affair as the ultimate party guest.

Time and again Thom has been called on to create a custom tailored presentation around a company’s message, product or people.

With over 30 years experience in the corporate communications, advertising, sales meeting and trade-show market, Thom is uniquely qualified to let your company or product stand center-stage by hand-crafting an exciting show for your next meeting or exhibition.

Sales Meetings • New Product Introductions • Corporate Retreats

Promotions • Association Conferences & Dinners

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A regular performer at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, as well as comedy clubs and top-end cruise lines all over the world, Thom is the smart choice for your next company or association event.

Hiring an entertainer or speaker for an event can be a tiring, thankless and, let's face it, sometimes terrifying task. We understand that when you book a performer you're very often putting your neck on the line.

With Thom's show, you won't have to worry. Thom has been the smart choice for meeting planners for over two decades.

Oh, and did we mention that Thom's show is FUN?! No seatbelts, handrails or airbags. When he performs his powerful stand-up comedy and magic your group will laugh until they cry, utter only vowel sounds, quote scripture and stomp their feet so hard they'll wake up Dr. Scholl!


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