Thom begins by learning all he can about your company, its products and your needs.

With that information, he creates a custom-designed presentation, specifically created to excite prospective buyers about doing business with you.

With years of experience behind him, Thom is able to push past the huge amount of resistance that exists on trade show floors. By utilizing "informational entertainment" (a very powerful combination, as any advertising expert will tell you), Thom makes YOUR BOOTH and YOUR SALES STAFF more approachable.

Thom Peterson acts as a live presentation of your company. With class, taste and humor, he gathers a crowd, gets them to swipe their cards, and then turns them loose on your sales people.

Imagine having more leads at the end of a show than you know what to do with.

No need to have a huge production where one isn't needed. Thom Peterson's presentational system is self contained and easy to work with. All the space he takes up in your booth is about 3 square feet. The rest of the space he leaves for YOUR CROWDS!

Unfortunately, THERE ARE JUST SO MANY DAYS IN A YEAR, so CALL HIS OFFICE TODAY to find out just how he'll work with your booth, and to answer any questions you have.

"The very best way to attract and engage a large group

   of people is by entertaining them."

Create Amazement And You'll Create Excitement!

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Learn More

Find out about Tricks Of The Tradeshow, and how Thom can help your company grow.

Learn how Thom can bring his 20+ years of trade show expertise to your company and team.

Find out what makes Thom uniquily qualified in the exhibit industry, and why he's the right fit for you.

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